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Vision, Values, Ethos & Mission

A statement on our schools ethos and values.

Our vision and values are at the heart of everything that we do here at Our Lady Queen of Peace.

In our school, we believe that each person is unique and created to flourish in God’s image. We aspire to excellence through a nurturing environment in which every child takes Jesus Christ as their model and develops their individual gifts so that they live fully and serve others.

Our vision

We have high expectations for all children and aim to provide every child with a strong foundation so that they leave our school equipped with the knowledge and skills that they will need for the next stage of their learning journey, and beyond. Along with ensuring confidence and proficiency in academic subjects, we provide opportunities for children to develop positive attitudes to learning and key skills such as creativity, resilience, problem solving and independence, skills that they will be able to apply throughout their lives.

As a Catholic school, Christ is at the centre of our community. We welcome and celebrate every child, and their family, as valued members of our school community. We aim to ensure that all children recognise that they have a unique contribution to make to the world and to value themselves as equal members of a global family. We provide opportunities for children to use their talents and skills to contribute positively to the school community, and to respond to the needs of the wider world, in order to prepare them to be responsible and active citizens in the world.

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Updated | 15th February, 2023 |

Latest News

In safe hands

Our very own William and his team of St John’s Ambulance volunteers were on hand at our Summer Fayre to show us basic first aid skills.

Summer Fayre

Our Summer Fayre was a huge success. Thank you to the Friends of OLQOP for their hard work and organisation. Thank you also to the staff who came along to help. We started with sunshine, ended with rain but everyone had tremendous fun inbetween!

Leavers Hoodies

Our Year 6 children got a lovely surprise when they were presented with their leavers hoodies by their reception buddies. A well deserved extra break for both year 6 and reception to get together.