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Policies and documents related to our school.

Please refer to the BWCET Intranet in order to upload policies. If you require further support, email

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Updated | 4th August, 2023 |

Latest News

In safe hands

Our very own William and his team of St John’s Ambulance volunteers were on hand at our Summer Fayre to show us basic first aid skills.

Summer Fayre

Our Summer Fayre was a huge success. Thank you to the Friends of OLQOP for their hard work and organisation. Thank you also to the staff who came along to help. We started with sunshine, ended with rain but everyone had tremendous fun inbetween!

Leavers Hoodies

Our Year 6 children got a lovely surprise when they were presented with their leavers hoodies by their reception buddies. A well deserved extra break for both year 6 and reception to get together.